At Uppercut Fitness we pride ourselves on small class sizes and customized personal training.

Classes:  From beginners to novice exercisers, classes are kept small so that no one gets lost or discouraged.  While we want your workout to be challenging and butt-kicking, we don’t compromise form.  Bad form can lead to injuries and defeats the purpose of using the muscles efficiently.  Keeping classes small allows our trainers to keep an eye on everyone.  Check out our class schedule to see what classes, days and times would interest you.  From Boxing, TRX/Yoga, or TRX there is sure to be a class to suit the workout you’re looking for.

Personal Training: 

Cindy is Uppercut Fitness’s personal trainer. Uppercut Fitness is your wellness center for fitness and nutrition. Cindy has been in the fitness industry for 10+ years. She has multiple certifications such as Personal Training, Nutrition, Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, Level 2 TRX, Kettlebell AMPD, and more recently 2B Mindset Nutrition Mentor. She also attended the Rock Steady Boxing camp certification program.  This is a boxing program that specializes in training people who live with Parkinson’s Disease.
Everyone’s fitness levels and bodies are different. When you come for your first training session it will include a complete evaluation and assessment so that the right fitness program can be applied specifically for you!

Cindy can be contacted at 866-8988 or email clmenard1@aol.com